Well, the government seem to. To enable a boost to the economy, no more testing required for arriving in the UK and masks rules dropped in most public places. This week is half term so there is a mad rush to sunnier climes. Cases of Covid seem to be falling in UK but remain very high. Maidstone is well above the National average. Our son Michael is the latest victim. He had symptoms yesterday and and has tested positive. He is very poorly at the moment but he has shut himself away in a room. Big worry now is that it might have already spread to the family. Alex has not been vaccinated as he is too young and therefore vulnerable. If Philippa catches it and with the boys on half term, they will have a job coping, so Sue and I are on standby to bring them both down here for a few days. However, they could bring the virus with them and although we are fully vaccinated, as indeed Michael is, we being oldies are vulnerable.

Viv and Steve were due to visit this coming week to spend sometime with their granddaughters, but guess what?! that is now cancelled as Sophia has Covid! We have never known so many close friends and relatives having caught the virus. They think it’s all over, I think not!

I did have a better visit to Mum this week without another outburst, which she had on my previous visit. Deviation seems to help. I took her some flowers which she liked and then a little walk around the garden. Communication now is purely by wipeboard messages. She has lost both pairs of glasses, God knows where they have gone so she cannot see close up, so photos no longer a great success. Mind you she could read my messages on the wipe board very easily. Although the Govt has removed single visits only to care homes and are allowing any number, Barty have several cases of Covid amongst residents and staff so they are not relaxing the rules until they are clear. So just me still at the moment, except occasional visits by Viv, next one hopefully at Easter.

In the meantime I have been kept busy training for forthcoming triathlons and Sue is regularly running and playing tennis. So hoping we can remain well. My event plan now is finalised. First up on March 6th is Maidstone Road Run in aid of Heart of Kent Hospice. We have two teams each of three generations. Stuart, Danny and myself will run the 10km. and Natalie, Toby and Sue will run the 5km. That should be fun. I have now entered the European AG Championship Triathlon Qualifier at Eton Dorney on 15th May. Then on 12 June my second chance to qualify at Eastbourne. After that, all being well it will be the twice cancelled Castle to Coast Half Ironman on 23rd July. With due respect to my knees and ageing body that will be the end of my major events with include running, probably!

No takers yet to buy our villa but another exciting project has arisen. Michael is negotiating to purchase the lease on a premises in Beckenham. His plan is to turn it into a bookshop. When all sorted and stocked Sue and I will train to look after the shop one day a week to relieve Mike to do some consultancy work. So exciting times continue!

Mike’s Proposed Bookshop

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