I am of course, referring to the fact that Boris has decided that we should now all learn to live with Covid. He may be right and that is what we may have to do. But he has now removed all restrictions in England. Our other partners in the UK are holding back for a while before removing the last remaining rules. However, here in England we have all been told to be sensible and still wear masks in crowded spaces. I have to say I don’t share his faith in all of our population!

Meanwhile, we have yet to hear if the PM is going to be charged by the police for breaking Covid laws in 2020 when he was seen at parties or by his definition, calling in to thank staff for all their good work!

No more on this as Russia’s invasion this week of Ukraine has overshadowed everything in the world and requires everyone’s attention and proper leadership from our Government to work with the rest of the world by taking on Putin, hopefully by non- violent means. I don’t propose to use this blog to discuss the war as there is so much about it in the media. Suffice to say that today Putin has put his “nuclear deterrent on special alert”. Who remembers the Cuban crisis? Many of us do.

So there it is, Covid is still with us, but fortunately not leading to rapid increases in hospitals and deaths, the threat is now a madman in Russia with his finger hovering over the button. One false move or miscalculation and this really could be the end! Being an optimist I have decided to do a couple more blogs taking us up to March 20th which will be exactly two years since I wrote my first blog about Covid. I think that will be time to call it a day.

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