Being a modest sort of guy there is very little to say about me.

I was born in Manchester just after the war (second not the first!). After 6 months I decided to head south so Mum and Dad came with me. We moved in with an uncle and his son and then when I was 5 we moved to a council house in New Hythe. I went to the village school and my only claim to fame was being made head boy. I failed my 11 Plus exam and went to the secondary school at nearby Aylesford. Dad got a job in the mill and when I was 12 we moved to the council house in Maidstone where my Mum lived for 50 years before moving into a new almshouse flat in town. Dad died of cancer a year after we moved when I was 13. I had just moved to another school in Maidstone and left at the age of 15 years 10 months to join the Fire Service as a cadet. I had no academic qualifications. Sue and I married in 1969 and we have two sons Stuart and Michael who we are very proud of. They are both married to lovely girls and they both have sons, Stuart and Natalie have Oliver, Daniel and Toby. Michael and Philippa have James and Alexander. Stuart and Natalie had a daughter called Grace who died aged 13 months. You can read Grace’s story on this website.

I had a great career in the Fire Service followed by a shorter one in the Civil Service where I managed to gain an MSc. Sue and I are now both retired but busier than ever doing Rotary, charity stuff, sports, holidays, grandchildren,  and looking after my Mum.

That’s about it really- no complaints and hopefully, many more busy years to come. The website will give more of an appreciation of what we are involved with.

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