admin on March 6th, 2022

The invasion continues with Russian troops slowly devouring Ukraine who bravely fight on. Everyone I know are doing their bit to help the refugees who are leaving the country. I have donated half a dozen Shelterbox blankets and contributed some cash to help. Nothing much but what else can we do?! Covid seems almost forgotten […]

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admin on February 27th, 2022

I am of course, referring to the fact that Boris has decided that we should now all learn to live with Covid. He may be right and that is what we may have to do. But he has now removed all restrictions in England. Our other partners in the UK are holding back for a […]

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admin on February 13th, 2022

Well, the government seem to. To enable a boost to the economy, no more testing required for arriving in the UK and masks rules dropped in most public places. This week is half term so there is a mad rush to sunnier climes. Cases of Covid seem to be falling in UK but remain very […]

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admin on February 1st, 2022

Well not fully! Boris has gone back to Plan A from Plan B. This means we don’t have to wear masks in shops, theatres etc unless premises maintain that rule. Barty House has some cases so they are continuing with one specified person only visiting. Frustrating for me as I seem to do better when […]

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admin on January 17th, 2022

There are early signs that the Omicron variant is now starting to decline in the UK. Hospital admissions have risen but nothing like in the past two years. Deaths are are increasing slowly but they are recorded as someone who died within 28 days of a positive test. So that doesn’t necessarily mean they died […]

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admin on January 8th, 2022

So that’s Christmas over and so is the start of the new year. All went well as a family. Both families came and stayed one night each and the middle day they were all here together. Noisy and excited children and so were the grandchildren! However, all were OK and it was great time. We […]

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admin on December 24th, 2021

So here we are on Christmas Eve 2021. This time last year Christmas was put on hold and the holiday was restricted to single households. This year the massive push to give as many booster jabs as possible has meant that we can at least have families together. However, the Omicron variant has spread incredibly […]

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admin on December 24th, 2021

As predicted the new variant is now the prominent variant in the country and soon the world. Two vaccinations do not prevent it from spreading although the booster probably has an 85% chance of resisting serious illness. We now have over 70, 000 cases per day making it the highest rate since the pandemic started. […]

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admin on December 2nd, 2021

And so Covid marches on. The latest South African variant Omicron is now spreading worldwide. It is still early days as to it’s power to cause serious harm to individuals but at least Boris has decided to take some early action this time. It is now mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and […]

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admin on November 16th, 2021

Young grandson Toby came home from school after testing positive from a Lateral Flow Test. No serious symptoms but the whole family travelled to Heathrow for a PCR test. Stuart, Danny and Toby all tested positive although Natalie and Oliver were negative. That was last week and those two are still testing negative. Despite having […]

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