Young grandson Toby came home from school after testing positive from a Lateral Flow Test. No serious symptoms but the whole family travelled to Heathrow for a PCR test. Stuart, Danny and Toby all tested positive although Natalie and Oliver were negative. That was last week and those two are still testing negative. Despite having had both vaccinations Stuart has been quite poorly which wasn’t helped by a balance problem and sickness. Today he feels a bit better. All isolating at present and starting to recover slowly.

Sue and I are fine, we have had no physical contact with the Reading family and will be keeping clear for a while. We had a long weekend away for Sue’s birthday and returned yesterday after a lovely but tiring weekend. We stayed at Lulworth Cove which was absolutely beautiful. Saturday was exceptionally warm for mid November as we scaled the cliff hills to Durdle For and beyond. Some people swimming in the sea, it was 16 degrees, that’s climate change for you. Over the weekend we visited the Fossil Forest and Tyneham which both have incredible historic stories. On the way home we stopped off in Salisbury and had a tour of the cathedral. What a a fantastic building and a lovely town.

So after deciding to scale back on my blogs as the end of Covid might be in sight, it is now very much close to home!

Durdle Door
143 million year old tree fossil

Salisbury Cathedral

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