So here we are on Christmas Eve 2021. This time last year Christmas was put on hold and the holiday was restricted to single households. This year the massive push to give as many booster jabs as possible has meant that we can at least have families together. However, the Omicron variant has spread incredibly fast and now nearly 2 million people in the country have it. At the moment it doesn’t seem to hospitalise or kill that many more than the Delta variant but it is still early days. It does spread incredibally quickly and personally we have several close friends who have it.

Both our boys families are OK but some of them have had the virus. All out of their quarantine now and are well. So tomorrow Stuart’s family arrive and will stay overnight. Mike’s family arrive Boxing Day so we will have 3 households for the day, that should be nice quiet time! I don’t think. Stuart and gang go home in the evening and Mikes lot stay the night. LFTs for me tonight to make sure I am OK then another in the morning before I visit Mum. All being well I will visit her at 9.30 am. I cancelled my visit earlier in then week as precaution. Mum’s notes today show her tested as negative so hopefully all will be well.

Interestingly, I looked back at my blog for last Christmas and we were complying with lockdown rules so only spoke to our family by video. I was really annoyed that some neighbours were totally ignoring the rules and having large family gatherings. Vaccinations had only just started then and by January cases were at a record high. This year cases are even higher already but a large percentage of the population have had 3 jabs now so hopefully the hospitals won’t reach bursting point. It all depends how this Omicron variant reacts.

So the Govt have permitted family gatherings in homes for Christmas, let’s hope everyone is sensible.

Happy and Healthy Christmas one and all.

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