And so Covid marches on. The latest South African variant Omicron is now spreading worldwide. It is still early days as to it’s power to cause serious harm to individuals but at least Boris has decided to take some early action this time. It is now mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and public transport however, he is not yet adding restrictions to crowded venues such as night clubs and restaurants. Christmas is so close and many cancellations have been made in anticipation of further restrictions. PCR tests plus isolation until the results are known are now compulsory for all travellers entering the UK and that includes Father Christmas!

Booster jabs appear be to be the key to keeping hospital cases low and at the moment the number of deaths are reasonably low as well. Unvaccinated adults are frowned upon here and advised to get vaccinated, but in Germany they have now been banned from cultural events and other public places including non-essential shops unlesstheybare post =Covid and have good immunity levels. Schools are very susceptible to Covid. Stuart and his family are just about recovered and are out of isolation but Michael’s son James now has it and is isolating as his brother, so it is just a matter of time before it’s spreads through the family. James is feeling under the weather but is doing his online school work OK.

A few weeks ago I announced that I would probably draw the line under the Covid blogs, but here we are nearly in 2022 and it looks like we will have another year of it at least. We are in full swing helping to marshall the vaccine clinics. It is good that we can do something at least to help the medics in a practical way.

P.S. Mum has finally lost all her hearing aids now so she can barely listen or be understand. However, she seems to be soldiering on OK according to her care notes! More from this story in due course no doubt!

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