Only a short ride today as we spent a good hour in Senacre Cycles our friendly bike shop, identifying what we need to do and spend! in readiness for 370 miles of difficult riding in July. However, we had a 14.13 mile local ride and made an adjustment to Norman’s handlebar position. This is why these familiarity rides are so important, I am sure there will be many more adjustments to be made before July. On our journey home through our beautiful Mote Park, on paths where vehicles are prohibited, we came across some terrible fly tipping as the photo shows. It is right in the prettiest and traffic free part of the park. It saddened us greatly.

…and to cap it all we heard that one of our cycling team members Richard, has had an accident ski-ing and needs an operation. It is looking unlikely that he will be fit to ride in July. We wish him well and of course, he is still one of our team, he has done so much to help us so far and will continue to do what he physically can. He had even bought himself a new bike for the ride, it’s so unfair…best wishes for full recovery, dear friend.

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