Mum was waiting patiently for me as I was about 10 mins late due to Loose Rd blocked with traffic. After the usual “how are you, Mum?” I got the same usual 30 sec response.”Not a good day I was up in the night feeling dizzy” Once that was out of the way we had a good 50 mins chat. Her right eye is looking bloodshot and not so good but during my visit the doctor arrived and had a look. He wasn’t overly concerned but he has prescribed some drops which should help. Her hearing wasn’t so good either today so I reported it and asked that the carers check it regularly and put it in properly which may have been the problem. However, she could hear but I had to raise my voice a bit more than usual. I then received a FaceTime call from Viv. This worked quite well but a little difficult as my phone is quite small. I have asked that next week if I can use their WiFi and I will take along my IPad.

Today I took along a photo album of pictures of Mum over the years which we displayed at Mum’s 90th birthday. I was amazed that she could name so many of the people especially in the pictures of when she was a child. Malc had given me the album he had put together after he had scanned all the photos for his own album,

She gave me a lovely wave when I left the home, I think she is happy to see me so I can tell her all the news about the family. I listened to the radio on the way home and there were several people phoning in about care of their parents, but they hadn’t been allowed to see their Mum or Dad for about 8 months. It made me realise just how lucky we are despite the fact that only I can visit. If I can set up a FaceTime call on iPad from next week that will help. Mum doesn’t appear to be too upset over not physically seeing the family, the reason being I think that she gets involved with so much in the home and she is at the least content and at best, very happy. My next visit is next Tuesday.

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