During the past few days I have been collecting items for the vulnerable and isolated. This is through a Maidstone charity called Involve. My Rotary friend Andy and I went to the Involve hub today where they had opened up so we could hand over the items collected. We each had a car load so they were really pleased. I have had two further calls today with people providing stuff, so I will get that to the hub in due course. It’s hoped that the hampers will be sorted and ready for distribution on 17th December. Andy and I will be helping, hopefully.

A bit of news today about the vaccines coming out soon. The latest one has proved in tests to be highly successful amongst the over 65’s. That’s good news! A friend of mine’s daughter has proved positive with the virus, it looks like it came home from the school where she works. She has the usual symptoms but is not getting worse, thankfully. Some really sad news, yet another of my school friends has gone into a hospice. According to a close friend he is really unwell and unlikely to survive.

It looks like the Brexit talks are having a break, one of the negotiating team has the virus. Not to worry there is plenty of time before a no deal, nearly 5 weeks!!

ps Mum is still Ok except she was reporting her dizziness today. Sue had her shingles vaccination today. It was after her flu one that she had a fainting episode. I will be keeping a close watch.

Andy and I the delivery men arrive at Involve.

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