Now visits to see Mum have been suspended, lockdown is becoming very quiet. The entire population is on tenterhooks waiting for the Govt to decide if there will be a holiday break from restrictions over Christmas. Today all four UK countries met to discuss an agreed arrangement, apparently something will be announced this coming week. BBC speculation thinks there could be “up to three households that could be allowed to meet up “over a number of days, maybe five” If that is the case we may well have Stuart and Mike’s families down but on separate days during that period. But that will also depend on the families. Even if the law permits it we wouldn’t want to mix in those numbers. You never know we might even get an invitation to their much bigger homes!

Sue has been planning food for Xmas so she decided to get enough in case the family does visit and if they don’t and it’s just us two, then it can be frozen till it can be eaten. She went online and found that our main store collection dates have all now been booked and there are no slots left! For goodness sake it is still November! However, she has managed to book a turkey and we will try and book fresh veggies from our farm shop.

The Govt have warned that by giving us all this wonderful concession, we will all be put on higher tier restrictions after the lockdown and after Xmas. As much as I love seeing our family I think the Govt shouldn’t have given in and should keep the lockdown throughout the Xmas period. But then I have always been a Bah Humbug!

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