Today it was announced that a new Covid vaccine developed at Oxford University, has past its tests subject to legal scrutiny and is looking very successful. The Govt have ordered 100 million doses for use here and abroad. Along with the previous two now available it is expected that some high risk groups will receive a vaccination before Xmas and the majority will be through Jan and Feb. That is the good news. The bad news is after our lockdown finishes on Dec 2 it is most likely that Kent will go into Tier 2or3. This is because off the very high rate of new cases in Swale and Thanet. The PM will announce on Thurs which groups in the country will go into and what will be the relief for Xmas across the UK.

All in all, amongst the hope of a vaccination, cases in Kent are still on the rise whilst much of Uk is starting to fall very slightly. Xmas is a big gamble and as I have said previously, they would be better off keeping on with restrictions right through.

Meanwhile back in my lockdown, today Sue did a 39 min run with Maggie and I did 6.34 mile run at a good pace in 1 hr 12 mins. Very pleased with the run today and I even enjoyed it.

This afternoon I finished pruning the apple tree, an awkward job but it looks good with it’s short back and sides.

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  1. Anthony Lawless says:

    Love the blogs Clive. Glad Mary is well. Take care Tony & Sarah

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