Had a call this morning to say that another one of my friends I went to school with has died in hospital early this morning. We don’t know the circumstances but we do know he was in the Covid ward. He had been admitted after a fall so we don’t know yet if he died of Covid or another problem.

Swale has now the highest number of Covid cases at 645/100,000 in the country and Thanet is third. So whilst there is a slow down in much of the rest of the country, Kent is racing ahead. Maidstone has about 260 which is above the national average.

With all this going on the Govt announced a 5 day break on most restrictions over the Xmas period. Three households maximum allowed. They have done it because they fear that people want take any notice of rules over that period. This is what is happening already especially in East Kent. Many people have just not taken this lockdown seriously. Maybe because Covid has not had the same impact here as it has up North. Now the tables have turned,

On Thursday the Govt will announce which Tier we will all be going in after the so called lockdown ends on Dec 2. Reliable speculation is that Kent will be in the highest Tier 3. So probably tighter than this lockdown. As for Christmas it is hoped everyone will be sensible. So at the moment we don’t know yet if we will get to see our boys and their families. At best we might see them for one day each but they may take the sensible approach and wait till the vaccine programme is underway and restrictions are eased again. We will know in the next couple of days.

As for today I did some heavy gardening work, my annual clearance behind the back fence. It was a lot easier when I used to do it a few years ago! Bike ride with Mike tomorrow, I am looking forward to it.

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