Deaths reach a new daily record high of 1820 but new cases locally still falling. Vaccinations in UK now over 4 million just short of the Govt target.

On top of all this the north of the country has been hit by a big storm with bad flooding and in some areas heavy snow. We are just having miserable wet days but not those problems, thank goodness.

Today Joe Biden became the President of the USA and Trump didn’t attend the traditional handover and left by the back door. Good riddance, he has caused so much misery. Fingers crossed we will hopefully see a vastly different approach now, but I don’t envy Biden his job, a lot of problems in the country including 400,000 Covid deaths.

I have been busy sorting out the vaccine rota for the weekend. I had just finished it and told all the volunteers. Then had a message to say cancel Sunday as instead of 2000 vaccines doses we are now getting 1,200. This is because our surgery have done so well all the over 80s have been vaccinated and they are now vaccinating the over 70s! Some surgeries are only just starting now so they are getting the lions share of the vaccines. Understandably, they need to distribute to most needy first.

I did however, manage to put up three pictures at home I have had for a while and managed to avoid drilling into any electric cables! I also gave a way a big box of my sailing gear I have had since Daydreamer. They have gone to the bosun of a sailing club who will distribute the items amongst club members. I hope they enjoy their sailing as much as I did.

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