Today has been a mixed bag of news and things. My brother Malc and Anne have moved to their new flat by the sea. Hope it has all gone well, I won’t disturb them by ringing yet. A bit of sunshine this morning so did a 5.5 mile run. Despite cold wind my pace was a bit quicker than in recent past so that was good. Some to and froing today over some concerns regarding my vaccination rota selections, apparently some not happy that I have left them out, which isn’t true as I share the jobs out evenly. Also some clubs whingeing that I didn’t mention them by name in a social media post I did yesterday. Clearly a few like to volunteer for self-gratification. Not my way so I was not happy. However, the post resulted in dozens of comments in support of what we are doing and from that post I have had another six people come forward and joined my list of volunteers. We are even getting enquiries about the possibility of joining our Rotary Club which is great.

Sue and I cycled to town and back to deliver something. Only a short ride but we stopped off to see the river running fast and about to do a bit of flooding. However, no problem unlike up the North where there are major floods. Having to deal with flooding and the pandemic must be a nightmare.

I have just caught the latest headlines, there will be fines of £800 per person who attend any house party where there are more than 15 people! That’s great then, that must mean we can now ignore the rule that states that not more than two differing households can meet in a home. So let’s all have a party with 14 people!! I can’t believe that is right surely that should be enforcing the stay at home rule, not encouraging more mixing of people! No wonder Covid is still spreading. Spain are saying that it is unlikely there will be a holiday season this year, there is a slow roll out of vaccine. We are planning to go late September but will have to wait and see.

STOP PRESS: Stuart’s and our friend, SteveB is now home from hospital, which is brilliant. A few weeks ago he was hit on the pavement by a hit and run car and it was touch and go that he would survive. Sounds like great progress, still a very long way to recovery but to be home is wonderful.

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