After surviving her fall sometime ago, hospital treatment and a new hip, she had to endure isolation after hospital, which she hated and made a fuss. Then she settled after they moved her room nearer to the nurses station so they could keep an eye on her. I was allowed to visit for sometime which was nice but then Covid hit Barty House and Mum caught it, now there was total isolation, all residents stayed in their rooms and several staff off with Covid or isolating. Mum’s condition started to deteriorate and she wasn’t eating or drinking well. In all honesty I thought the writing was on the wall. After Mum’s official two week isolation and residents had had their vaccination a decision was taken that on balance of risk it was better for Mum now to exercise and importantly mix with residents. This social activity had an immediate effect and Mum improved and started eating reasonably well again. However, her previous issues had had a detrimental effect and the eating and drinking slowed up and most of the reports I got was she was staying in her room a lot. But Viv had a reasonably good FaceTime call with her and today it is reported that she had eaten all her lunch, which she had in the dining room. Then she joined in flower arranging, poetry reading and had coffee and cake. Just like old times. Your an amazing lady, Mum!

We had a good session at Blackthorn today. A lot more patients and it was rewarding to balance the queues between the side entry and the back. I had to escort many through the garden to queue at the two registration points. I decided to call it Queue Gardens! Not bad play on words I think.

This afternoon I was feeling good so I went for a distance run to Chart Sutton. I did 8.11 miles which was one of my longest runs in a long time. On top of that I was very pleased with my average pace of 11.14 minute miles. For me that was most satisfying. However, when in the loft yesterday I came across the statistics for our relay John O Groats to Lands End in 1986. We ran in one hour stints and my average then was 7.44 min miles. Now where has all that speed gone, could be that I was 36!

On return to home I decided to have a long soak in the bath, I fell asleep, perhaps that is an age thing as well!

Queue Gardens!

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