Yes snow has arrived but not in Maidstone, just a bit of early sleet , then some rain then just cold and dull. However, in Reading and as far south as Beckenham there was enough snow for the grandchildren and their parents to enjoy being away from home- learning and computers. We woke late this morning, probably because I was shattered after my 8 mile run yesterday and Sue staying up to watch some awful crime thriller on TV. However after a late breakfast we walked to the shops for a paper then to the cemetery to check Sue’s Mum’s memorial stone. With regular checks it is in really good condition and the Christmas foliage Sue placed there is still looking good.

Back home I sorted out the puncture in the EBike front tyre. Unable to remove the wheel due to not wanting to disturb the electric hub I managed OK but I wouldn’t want to change a tube if we were out and about. Cleaned both bikes in the garage and prepared my road bike for tomorrow’s ride, the first one since mid- December. I topped up the bird feed, we are doing so well each day 6 goldfinches visit amongst other tits, starlings, robins and last week a woodpecker. I managed a reasonable photo of three goldfinches on the feeder. All in all a peaceful rest day.

Beckenham Boys
Natalie in Reading
Barbara’s Memorial Stone
Gertrude Goldfinch
They love sunflower seeds.

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