Yesterday was a rather sedate day doing rotas and working on the computer. However, I did get out to do my 2nd run of the week as a practice for my April challenge as part of our Rotary Club’s, Great Home Run. This is to get as many people active in our local community during this long lockdown as possible. Individuals or families can do what ever they want as long as it is physically active. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as they stay within Covid rules. We have several entries already on our website: It is to support local mental and well-being charities and is free to enter.

Already we have a wide range of activities from running up Mt Everest to taking a cat for a walk. Yes you have guessed it, I am not a cat lover so I am doing the Everest one. As it is a bit chilly on the real mountain and we are not allowed to travel at the moment, I will be running up our local Old Loose Hill roughly 6 times a day, every day throughout April. That will be the equivalent of climbing Everest from base camp to the summit.

So this week I have started preparing to make sure my ageing body will cope. So far so good. Today I did a 4 mile run which included 6 ascents of the hill. I was tired but happy with that, so this afternoon Sue and I went for a gentle bike ride to Headcorn. We got about halfway when I got a puncture that couldn’t be repaired. So I walked and run pushing the heavy EBike the shortest route back to the bike shop near Maidstone. At the top of Sutton Valence Hill Sue set off home to be there if I needed the car to collect me and the bike. However, after a 4 mile push I reached the shop where they did a great job and all was well again so I was able to cycle home. Then very near home, the chain jammed so I had to walk the final half mile. So hence why I am feeling a little kn……. today!

In the meantime Viv managed to get a good FaceTime with Mum today and all seemed well. Mum eating a bit better and she played hangman this afternoon apparently …lovely! She told Viv it is good to keep busy.

Tomorrow it’s vaccines, fortunately not staring till 9.00 am and it’s a short day. Weather looks like being up to 14 degrees and dry so a nice walk in the afternoon, on second thoughts I might just go to sleep in front of the telly!

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