A glimpse of Spring has arrived. Some sunshine and a rise in temperatures today has seen people, including me, in their gardens. The sound of lawnmowers has also been heard locally from some neighbours gardens! I took the opportunity to tidy up a bit outside and was great to have a chat, socially distanced of course, and watch the kids out playing. We are expecting a few more days with temperatures up to 16 degrees C. After that no doubt, winter might pay us another visit. I do hope not, now the daffodils and other spring flowers are blooming.

Sue and I did a short but busy session at Blackthorn this morning. A mixed bag of patients some quite young coming from care homes etc. Today is the last of the Oxford Zeneka doses as we go back to Pfizer next week for a while. No problems today and it was so enjoyable to talk in the sunshine and at a distance, to people in the queue. Surprising though, how many people were fearful of the jab. At least they are turning up, all credit to them. Unlike Australia where we hear that there are anti- vaccination protests going on where vaccinations are just starting. Police had to use pepper spray to control them. Rubber bullets would have been preferable! Not really, but what on earth is wrong with some people?!

Mum has had a good day, ate her dinner in the dining room then played boules and ate cake in the afternoon. Good on you Mum. More goods news which we hope will be confirmed by Boris on Monday, is that care homes will be allowed one visitor again from March 8th. I hope Barty are quick off the mark, I will have to get booked in. It will be lovely to see her again.

Crocuses and Sue hanging the washing out, first time this year.

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