Did a 9 mile run this morning, the longest run for years. Weather was lovely. I ran up to Coxheath, down Westerhill, and up the tortuous Vanity Hill. Then off to Boughton and finished with OLd Loose Hill. A total of 738ft climbing. That also put in me in first place on our running club elevation leaderboard, a total of 2,425 ft this week. Another first, but now I need to rest up for a day or two. I am so pleased that my knee and hip are doing well, don’t want to push my luck.

Yesterday’s lovely weather continued today and for an hour or so Sue and I sat in the garden on the loungers. It was really quite warm, but when the sun dropped we soon remembered it is still February!

Covid cases continue to fall and a third of the population has been vaccinated. Everyone waiting to hear the PMs announcement tomorrow about some easing of restrictions. However he has made it clear that it will be a gentle recovery, he is determined to make sure we don’t have another lockdown. It does look a certainty though, that soon I’ll get to see Mum again which will be lovely.

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