The PM announced his very cautious road map to recovery today. It will be in stages and at each stage lifting of precautions will depend on the data at the time. International travel will not be permitted until at least after June 21st. Unfortunately, Spain are indicating no travel to Spain until they have herd immunity, which is almost impossible to identify and they are ruling out summer holidays. So unless they have a massive vaccine increase it looks like the villa will be empty again this year. All English school children will return to school on March 8th that will be a relief to many. I don’t propose spelling out all the road map changes as they are well publicised. I have to say however, that Boris is taking the right approach this time after the lessons he has hopefully learnt last year. It is confirmed that one nominated person can visit care homes after March 8th. I spoke to the manager at Barty today and they are working on the best way to achieve fair visiting. Hopefully I will hear in the next few weeks.

I have spent today tidying the garden which is looking quite smart now. I even mowed the lawn! Overcast but warm today and tomorrow is going to be sunny so I am off to meet MikeB again for our weekly bike ride. After March 29th all being well, the Wobblers can ride together. It’s unlikely that I will return to Saturday SFACC rides this spring and summer as I will be still on vaccine duties. As vaccines seem to be the key to recovery, Sue and I will continue helping until we are not needed any longer.

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