Yesterday I did my ride with MikeD. We went to Hawkhurst, bought a coffee and pan de chocolate in Tescos and sat outside in the glorious sunshine. All went well and even Mike had a smile. On the way back to Brenchley we went through Bedgebury forest via the Park Road. I remembered it was February and in the past Les had always taken us along that route to show us his favourite Witch Hazel tree in full bloom. Apparently it is quite rare but it is a lovely sight blooming at this time of year. We arrived at a good time so took a few photos.

The few days of glorious weather has brought a mass of colour in the countryside, daffodils, snow drops, crocuses and other plants wot I don’t know the name of. All in all I had a great 55 mile ride. Viv managed to FaceTime Mum today, they tried an experiment with headphones to help Mum hear. Mum didn’t like that but fortunately Viv had some nostalgic photos to show her, so all was well. Then she was off to play boules, Mum that is not Viv!

Last night our Rotary Club Zoom meeting had a brilliant speaker. He is ex- Maidstone guy and is now one of the countries top coronavirus experts and his team from Imperial College advise the Govt. We now know why the lockdown dates announced yesterday were chosen. They fit in with some very clever modelling. However, it all depends on people being sensible. His name is Professor Paul Kellam and he works in the same college as Sue’s brother Martin.

This afternoon we started on the Pfizer vaccines again. More tomorrow and Friday afternoon then a full day on Saturday. Our little surgery has now delivered about 9,000 doses since it started in December. The formula has to be respect the lockdown, distance and masks and keep delivering the vaccines as fast as we can.

Clever photo of a Witch Hazel Bloom
Witch Hazel in Bloom
Same Again with a Blue Sky!

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