I found some time this morning to do a couple of jobs at home. First priority was my bike. After I cleaned it after my long ride on Wed I noticed a couple of gears weren’t setting properly so I decided to try and adjust the mech ( that’s a technical term) without knowing what screws and knobs I should turn. After having messed it right up I tuned in to You Tube where it was explained really well. So I had another go and I made it even worse. So eating humble pie I contacted my heroes at Senacre Cycles and off I went this morning, using the few remaining gears, of course! I had immediate attention and Martin adjusted it all OK for me whilst I watched and tried to learn. Although I now know which screws I should screw and which knob to turn, I think I will not mess about with it unless the shop is shut!

Back home on my bike, all Ok so next job was to fix a new hinge on my garden gate. Quite pleased with the result especially as the wood at the base of the gate is rotten. Might get by till next winter then we will have to have a new gate.

Afternoon shift at Blackthorn. No Sue as she was busy at home doing an online book club. The surgery are using Pfizer again so less people to allow time for distance spacing in the waiting room. Same again tomorrow and then a full day Saturday.

No online care report for Mum today so far, they must be busy.

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