Our third day this week starting at 1.00pm at Blackthorn. Strange time of day to work but it was warm and sunny. Once again just 30 per hour today as there is the need also for 15 mins rest after the Pfizer jabs. They want of course, to keep the waiting room as clear as possible, so today it was ideal to put spaced seats outside. Interesting that we had a a few people turn up not knowing that it is the Pfizer jab and were concerned. They were re-assured and they had their jab, but it shows that social media and rumours don’t help when they circulate opinions and not facts! Tomorrow it is back to a full day 8 till 8 and we are doing the first two hours. Double the footfall to 60 per hour so I think we will be busy. No problem, the more the national vaccination figure rises the better, it is over 17 million now in the UK which is good going.

After a couple of days rest I returned to my run this morning. A steady 6.25 miles, just enough to get back into the routine. After our midday vaccine session Sue and I went for a walk through the valley after buying ice creams at the post office. It was beautiful weather, which made the valley look even better, catkins on the trees, birds singing and it is still February!

Meanwhile back at Barty House the medics have had a look at Mum because they are concerned about her dizzy spells. In the end they think it is probably de-hydration so they will monitor it closely. They want to watch out she might hide the drinks in the draw as well as her food! News from Barty head office, the fees go up quite significantly from April 1st. That will reduce her savings even further so a Social Services assessment will be needed a bit sooner. We will calculate time scales this weekend.

Highland Cattle in the Valley, or is it a large sheep!?

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