I decide to run 10 miles today and all went well clocking up 10.32 miles. chilly wind but i soon warmed up. Similarly long route as previously taking in steep hills so finished up with 810ft elevation. No mishaps but tittered towards the end. Notified today that the Chilham Castle Duathlon I am entered in has been moved to April 25th at Holne Park. This is because Chilham Castle has been sold! Not bothered as Holne Park is nearer for me.

Sue was back on home learning with toby this morning. All about the planets so he was interested in that subject. Ollie has his first speeding fine 35 miles per hour in a 30 zone. Stuart rightly isn’t paying the fine so Ollie has to go on the speeding course. That won’t hurt him, I am sure he will keep the speed down now. I have sent James the drum music sheets for ELO Roll Over Beethoven, for his birthday. Mike thinks he will enjoy having a go at it as it is G7 and he is only on G5, but it will be great fun.

This afternoon I sorted out vaccine rotas for next Sat and Sun. Then heard we have another long day on the Monday. That will be Pfizer again so it will be the Gong routine again!

On my run this morning I bumped into Robin Smith, one of Mum’s cousins. He told me that his brother Colin died at Christmas of pancreatic cancer. He was already in a care home so i don’t know what other problems he had. He was probably about 80, very sad.

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