After a 10 mile run on Monday and a 59 mile bike ride yesterday it is a day indoors catching up on vaccine rotas and general jobs I keep putting off. Sue has just been for her run with her friend and got back just before the rain arrived. She has spent some more time with Toby who has settled a bit more with his online school work. All the boys are looking forward to the return to school next week. Ollie will be back at college so can start pulling engines apart again and getting his hands dirty.

Viv had a good Facetime chat with Mum this morning and it went very well. A good result so I contacted Barty to enquire about the return of visiting. Apparently a letter is on it’s way so I have got in quick and booked a visit for next Tuesday at 11.00am. The rules have changed now and I have to arrive an hour earlier and self Covid test and wait for the result before being allowed in. However, they are now allowing more overall time for number of visits 10.00 till 4.00pm so no visitors miss out. It still can only be one nominated visitor for one hour per week and full PPE must be worn. I am looking forward to the visit despite being most likely met by dizziness and failure to hear me because of my mask. I will go armed with a few photos of the family.

I had a good bike ride yesterday with MikeD my 86 yr old riding partner. We went to Headcorn airfield cafe but that is now fully closed even for take aways. We do hope it will open up again soon. So we went to Headcorn village and bought a coffee and snack at the petrol station. We put on our masks but unfortunately, it appears that nobody in Headcorn has heard of Covid as nobody was wearing a face cover including the shopkeeper! It is so disheartening now we have been given some potential dates for winding back to some sort of normality, that some people are just not obeying the rules, they are so selfish.

Last night I attended my first Rotary Council meeting in many a long year. I can’t say I was too impressed. However, I have got agreement from one of our young Covid volunteers to join our club as a member. That’s two youngsters joining in a month. We need more as they our our future.

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