After our vaccine morning on Saturday we decided to go of a bike ride on Sunday. A pleasant Mothers Day day so after opening a lovely flowery present from Stuart we had to tell Mike his hadn’t arrived. He had paid for express delivery but the lovely box of special wines only arrived today (Tues), Mike was not happy with the company but Sue was thrilled with the wine when it eventually arrived.

Our bike ride took us over Tovil bridge then along the towpath to Allington lock. The little ex- lockeepers building which now sells coffee etc was open but we saw the queue and pressed until the towpath ended where it was closed due to the path being repaired. So we took a little lane up to the Little Kits Coty prehistoric burial mound and there we had our own coffee and snack. Then it was a stiff climb up to the lower Bell and back to Maidstone via Boxley. All in all a lovely 14 mile ride. Sue is enjoying her bike rides so it was off again today to do our vegetable shopping at our local farm shop. We are becoming well know there especially as we pay a handsome price for some excellent veggies.

On Monday I was notified that there would be 3 days of vaccinations at the coming weekend. Despite a lack of some volunteers I had the rota all ready and sent out this morning. We have two days of the Oxford vaccine and one day of Pfizer so that will keep us busy. There have been some concerns about the Oxford vaccine causing blood clots and some European countries have stopped using it. However, it has now been discounted and it is OK. Unfortunately, such stories could interrupt the vaccine roll out if people become concerned.

Yesterday I had a good visit to Mum and I arranged for Malc to call her on the video whilst I was there. It was his 70th birthday so a special day. Both Mum and Malc were so pleased to see each other, albeit on a video call. It all went well but Mum generally seemed a little weaker than when I saw her last week. However, she is very settled at Barty House. Malc will call again next week when I visit next Monday.

Weather looking drier tomorrow for my ride with MikeD. My winter bike is in for it’s service so I will be using the carbon bike, I will keep to the smoother roads where possible.

Picnic at Little Kits Coty
A Smile from Mum

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