Rain wasn’t forecast until about 2pm. So I met Mike D at 10.00 am and we had a great ride down to Tenterden. Our little cafe run by a Frenchman was closed but we found another one nearby that had a public bench very close to the entrance so that was just right. We sipped our coffee and I ate a toasted croissant with ham and cheese and Mike had a sausage roll, most unhealthy, Mike. After a quick chat to a couple of elderly ladies who thought Mike and I were brothers! no comment!! we set off back to Brenchley at about 12.00. After a mile or so the rain started and as we turned into a headwind the temperature dropped to 3 degrees and we battled against it all the way home. Thank Viv for telling me that you had a lovely bike ride in warm sunshine..I thought us southerners are supposed to have the good weather. However, the rain did ease a bit when we diverted to have a look in Hole Park. This is where I will be doing the Kent Duathlon in April. It is a lovely park and grounds and I will look forward to running around the park. We set off and once again straight into the wind and rain. Dried out a bit back at Brenchley then off home where the sun was shining! Apart from the weather it was a great ride. My carbon bike got mucky but went well Mike rode very well and only used his motor on steep hills. I completed nearly 62 miles today so very pleased but very tired.

News tonight that 40% of the population have now had their first jabs, which is brilliant. Not good news is that several EU countries including Spain are not using the Oxford vaccine because of blood clot fears. On top of that the EU are not happy that they are not getting the supplies they need and we are informed that supplies will dry up in April and possibly May as well because of shortages. However, all over 50s will have their second jab so Sue should be OK. Spain is not looking good for September it may be a staycation (rubbish word for holidaying in UK).

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