This morning we started three days of Blackthorn sessions. Today was the Oxford, tomorrow the Pfizer and Oxford again on Sunday. It went well today, no sign that the Oxford jab is bothering people locally. However in some European countries they are still not using it because of the blood clot issue. The EU has once again confirmed that it is safe and saving lives. Unfortunately, big countries like Germany , Italy and France are experiencing a rise in cases again and they predict a third wave across Europe. The UK now has over half of the adult population vaccinated and it is certainly having an effect on hospital admissions which are falling steadily. Our R number is now 0.6 to 0.9 which is good, but we can’t manage this pandemic if our neighbours are on the increase. I have started the rota for next week when we will have 4 days of vaccines, the most we have delivered yet. Most of these will be the Pfizer 2nd jabs.

I took advantage of the sunny weather this afternoon, mowed the lawn then did a 6.5 mile run. Despite the sunshine the northerly wind is still bitterly cold. I did some more hill work before running up to Coxheath and back. I managed 810 ft of elevation.

Mum is still hiding her food in her cupboard and drawers so may not be eating as much as they would like her to. The home is monitoring it carefully.

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