We have now assisted Blackthorn Surgery by marshalling every session since December and now they have topped 12,000 vaccinations in total. For a small surgery often with just one vaccinator, it is some achievement. Over 400 vaccinated this morning and the vaccine ran out by 2.00pm. I am anxiously waiting for tomorrows news for next week’s sessions. There is some talk that the days may be shifted. If that happens I will have a big job re-writing and phoning volunteers, it might be brought forward to Wednesday as the first day of four. That will be a nightmare to organise for the surgery and us.

Spoke to my friend and ex- work colleague Bill today. He lives in Derbyshire and has recently moved. He and family are OK, it.s nice to catch up with old friends. Did a bit of garden tidying this afternoon but I can’t get too excited as spring hasn’t really started here yet, we are still getting cold northerly winds.

Had a decent run yesterday with Sue. She did a couple of miles, she ran really well, then off I headed to the hills once again. I am continuing to use my knee bandage it seems to do the trick at the moment. Nearly 2000 feet elevation in 3 runs this week so hopefully I should finish 2nd in this week’s leaderboard.

I visit Mum tomorrow and will hopefully get a call from Malc and Viv whilst I am at Barty so they can see and talk to her, with a bit of help! She seems OK today, had lunch in the dining room (thats good she can’t hide her food in cupboards there!) She also did some poetry activity apparently.”There once was a girl named Mary, to some she was very scary’… Hmmm.

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