During my Monday visit to Mum today both Viv and Malc managed a video call to her. She was really pleased and told the staff she had seen all her children today. Conversation is difficult due to hearing problems so I acted as the go between. Malc asked Mum a lot of questions which I repeated for Mum and she then replied. Not an ideal situation but it is the best we can do under the circumstances. It has been the first real spring day today and Mum loved to see the daffodils in the garden from her bedroom window. On my way out she walked with me to the lounge where the doors were open onto the decking. I am sure she will be able to sit outside when it starts to warm up a bit more. All in all a good visit.

Well over half the adult population have now had a vaccination and it clear that it is keeping the number of hospital cases down although the new cases are staying at around 5,500 a day which is much better but we could do with them even lower. In Europe there is now a third wave and severe restrictions are back in place. Boris has warned us that it is inevitable that we will be affected so the focus is on vaccinations. I am waiting for confirmation tomorrow about this weeks Blackthorn days, I have a rota for 4 days, I hope I don’t have to change it at the last minute as the first day is Thursday.

This afternoon Sue and I cleaned up the BBQ and patio and removed the furniture covers. Maybe a bit premature but it made it feel a lot more like Spring.

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