On this day last year the PM announced the first lockdown. My first Coronavirus diary entry was three days before on March 23rd.

I have copied in that first entry which shows that with hindsight the PM could have moved more quickly with the lockdown. As a result we have one of the worst number of deaths in the world from Covid.


Blog entry March 20th 2020

As I write this Blog we are in the grip of an unprecedented virus pandemic which is spreading rapidly through our country and the world. Everything is in turmoil and people are staying at home. Schools are closing today for the foreseeable future, sporting events are cancelled or postponed. Our Heel To Toe event has been postponed until July 2021. Thankfully our main sponsors CliveEmson have agreed to help us next year, we are most grateful to them. Almost all sporting events have either been cancelled or postponed. The European Football Championships have been delayed for a year and the Olympics are in doubt. Fortunately, I decided not to take part in the World and European AG Triathlon in Bermuda and Malmo this year as these competitions are unlikely to go ahead. I will carry on with light training by running and cycling but on my own as we mustn’t meet in groups. It is highly likely however, that the entire country may be put on lockdown soon as they have in Italy and Spain. Terrible times, so I will use this blog for updates, there is no doubt we are in for a long haul.


To date I have written 286 diary entries with most of them referring to the crisis. I had expected only a couple of months, but so far it has been a year and whilst cases have fallen in UK they continue to rise elsewhere. The local South East News have been reporting on the daily number of cases per 100,000 people. There has been a steady fall but tonight there were signs that some areas are increasing again. It may be the return to school has had an effect and if it is only minor then not to much of a problem.

This afternoon was pleasant and sunny again but still a bit chilly so I did a 7.5 mile run over the Greensand Hills and gained a height elevation of 864ft., top of leaderboard but that will be short-lived! Bike tomorrow with MikeD yippee.. maybe go to Penshurst Place.

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