Dear Grace would have been 15 years old today. Hard to believe it has been all those years, it still seems like yesterday that she passed away. How well the family have coped after such a tragedy. They had to move on with their lives and now they have three lovely boys. Grace will always be their daughter and our grandaughter. Natalie put 54 photos of Grace on FB today plus some of the grave which is festooned with bright coloured flowers and a headstone that looks like new. I wonder what Grace would have been like now? Clearly she would have been a stunningly beautiful young lady, but as a teenager probably causing Mum and Dad a few “young teenager” problems, as most at that age do. My sister certainly did! Sorry Viv couldn’t resist it. Rest in peace dearest Grace xx.

Great ride today with MikeD. On the way to meet him I really felt the effect of yesterday’s 7.5 mile run. However, we headed off to Penshurst Place and I loosened up and cycled quite well. Take – away coffee standing in the car park with small groups of blue rinse brigade ladies with doggies was just what Mike ordered. He asked them when they have a date for their hair appointments and a crescendo of voices could be heard calling out a variety of post April 12th dates. We certainly know where some people’s priorities are! Nice ride back to Brenchley via Hadlow then the killer Capel Hill to finish off. A short stop at Mikes then off home to complete a total of 61 miles today.

A Sign of the Times!
Birthday Girl

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