We have four days of vaccines this week which as now been reduced to two full days and two half days. We don’t know whether it is fluctuation of vaccine supply or lack of clinical staff. Weekdays are always more of a challenge to us because the surgery also runs a local clinic. That means less surgery staff on duty and additional patients who are not receiving vaccinations as they going in to see the doctor or other medic. However, so far so good with just a few small issues, the vaccines administered has been good with people mainly coming for their second jab. Nationally and locally new Covid cases are up slightly but the R level is still just below one. An increase in cases was expected due to the schools re-opening this week. Good news is hospital cases are still falling and so are the deaths so it looks like the 29 million or so vaccinations so far are having an effect.

In between our marshalling commitment I have had a few online meetings this week related to Leisure Trust issues. After much negotiation, MBC have now started to pay last years shortfall to Serco but the end of last years figures are still being discussed. I am sure this will go on for many months. Next Tuesday I am meeting the Chief Executive of Serco Leisure at the Leisure Centre to see the work that has been going on during lockdown.

Very changeable weather in last couple of days and today there have been many showers, However, after a brief chilly weekend there is forecast about three days of warm weather sometimes reaching the low 20s. By the Easter weekend it will get colder again!

Mum seemed to have a comfortable day. She ate all her dinner in the dining room and then played boules with staff and residents in the afternoon. In the next couple of weeks I have to contact Social Services to tell them that Mum’s money runs out in 3 months time. That will be worsened slightly due to Barty having just increased their charges quite significantly. I am not looking forward to how it will all all pan out.

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