Great day yesterday, weather was lovely and warm. Philippa did us a proper Sunday lunch which we enjoyed sitting in the garden. The boys were excited, James beat me at table tennis-no surprise, but he was less happy when his Mum beat him! We went for a lovely walk in Beckenham Park. We had never been there before, it is very impressive. The lake is open for swimming in the summer, must try it some time. With one exception where some young people had gathered for a bit of a party, most people were being sensible and keeping their distance. This has resulted in the PM today announcing that more easing of the lockdown will start next Monday, gyms and outside sports and most importantly, hairdressers open!

Today I visited Mum. Just as I arrived we had a snow flurry! not much but proper flakes for a few minutes. A big change from yesterday. Mum wasn’t feeling too bright but managed a bit of a chat with Malc and Viv on What’s App. I thought she looked somewhat tired and not her normal self. I took in Aunt Lil and Daisy’s house name plate LEDAH with two hand painted blue tits on the plate. I had been given it by the new occupants of their old house in Loose Rd. Mum recognised it immediately and chatted about the two sisters. Afterwards staff encouraged her to go the dining room for lunch as I left. However, when I checked her condition later online she had eaten most of her dinner and even played bingo in the afternoon, good old Mum, never say die!

Sue did her run and skipping today and then went for a long walk with Mary Lynn. Not to be outdone, this afternoon I did 4 laps of Up and Down Old Loose Hill, 6 miles and 869ft of climbing. Off to see Stuart and family in Woodley tomorrow, we are wrapping up warm to sit in the garden! I expect it will be another long walk to keep warm.

Lunch in the Sunshine

Playoffs for 3rd and 4th!
They Stayed Dry!
Great Weather
Lil and Daisy’s House Name Plate

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