Yesterday we went to visit Stuart’s family in Woodley. Different weather than Beckenham 2 days before. This time we had lunch in the garden in high cold winds with blasts of snow showers! This didn’t deter us from having a good time. It was nice that Ollie was around and playing with the younger boys. The garden has had a nice makeover since we last went there in 2020. Two new sheds to compliment Ollie’s motor bike shed and nice new flower beds. In the afternoon we went to the local park to kick a football around and then a nice 3 or 4 mile circular walk back home. Much excitement over the 3 baby robins who were abandoned in their nest. Natalie has been feeding them and building their strength. In the next few days they will return to the wild, unless of course they think they would be better of at home. A great learning event for Danny and Toby, they will of course have to fly away soon. All in all another excellent day with the family.

There was a severe frost last night but fortunately all my plants remain in tact. I decided not to go to Tenterden today for the first Cycle Time Trial of the season. I had no wish to hit a patch of ice at 25 mph, Fortunately, Les sensibly dropped out as well particularly as it was so cold. He has the added excuse that he is 88 years old! This morning I did some home jobs including fixing Lil and Daisies house plate to my garage wall. Kathryn in Scotland has helped me with some research about the sites. It appears that in 1939 they both living at Merryhills in Loose., one was a dressmaker and the other shown us “Unpaid Domestic Duties” very strange as I found out that Merryhills was an isolation hospital. It is now residential flats named Gordon Court after the matron at the hospital . Also strange, I have known Gordon Court for years in Well St but never knew it was a hospital till the 1950s. I can see why people get hooked on ancestry it leads to some really interesting mysteries. I assume my old aunts worked there, but why a dressmaker. Mum didn’t know so we probably never know now.

Some concerns today about the 39 deaths from blood clots supposedly from the AstraZeneca vaccine. Despite millions not having had a problem I am sure there will be some people not coming forward for their second jab. We will find out on Friday and Saturday as both days are the Astra Zeneka.

Ollie showing the boys how to mend a motorbike!
Natalie’s Rescued Baby Robin Choosing a Video
Then Decides to Operate the Remote Control

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