So there we were fully dressed in our 1930s clothing thundering towards the town on our trusty tandem, when bang, a drawing pin caused a puncture. However, we pushed the bike to the Town Hall and had our photoshot done for the KM.  Thanks to Richard, Peter and Norman who turned up to join us (thrill seekers!) and of course thanks to Steve who turned up at the wrong Hall! County Hall is not Town Hall, Steve. Following our picture session Martin and I tried to dismantle the complex gearing and breaking system to get the wheel out (the others had to rush of course- urgent business appointments probably). We needed some assistance so went to cycle shop nearby. They were busy and not overly helpful so we repaired the bike in their shop ourselves. We were also talked into buying some kevlar tape to prevent further punctures- Hmmmm! not so sure. An hour or so later we rode gallantly up Stone St and home. Mission accomplished.



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