Sue and I had an update meeting with the new manager at Barty House today. David seems very nice , capable and enthusiastic and has already picked up on staff comments of how much they like Mum. We felt comfortable knowing that David is someone we can talk to if when the need arises. We had to meet in his office and arranged for Mum to stay in her room as it would have been difficult to explain our presence to Mum if she saw us. At the end of the meeting we were just about to leave, but Mum had escaped and was in the corridor heading towards us. She gave us a big wave and I then I went to see her and the manager said it was OK, but Sue had wait to wait in reception. Par for the course, as I sat Mum down she became very dizzy and was clearly upset about the dizziness. I had a quick chat then she was happy to wave to Sue through the window. She fully understood why she couldn’t meet her but I am glad they had their wave. David told us that from next Monday we are allowed a second nominated person to visit, but it must be the same person and they have to visit separately. Discussions now underway with Viv and Les on this issue.

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