He died peacefully in his sleep at Windsor today just 2 months before his 100th birthday. What a way to go. Not a bad innings and a remarkable career. He was certainly a character and will of course, be missed.

Life goes on and I did my shift at Blackthorn this morning, without Sue! She was playing tennis! Whatever next? Still I have her on duty with me tomorrow and I hope it is a bit busier than we had today, just a trickle of people through for their second jab. I don’t know how many were expected but whatever it was I guess it fell short. I do hope this media frenzy about the blood clot issue isn’t stopping people coming for their second jab. However, one of the patients arriving this morning was another colleague I worked with in the Fire Brigade. I haven’t seen him since I retired 32 years ago! We had a lot to catch up on! Neither of us recognised each other until the Fire Brigade was mentioned, the masks and long hair make a great disguise.

As soon as my shift was finished I raced home and onto my bike to meet MikeD for our weekly ride. Another lovely day ideal for cycling except on the main roads which were busy with Friday traffic. Mike did 32 miles today which helps towards his 300 mile target for his charity ride. By the time I got home I had clocked up just under 59 miles. Apart from early morning vaccine duties it will be a rest day tomorrow especially as we are expecting winter back for the weekend. Our GreatHomeRun fundraising is progressing slowly but we are up to £2k now. About 20 different activities taking part so we have attracted many people to get themselves a bit fitter. https://riversiderotary.co.uk/greathomerun/

Only two weeks now till the Kent Duathlon which I am taking part in at Hole Park near Cranbrook. I have chosen the shorter event just to get warmed up for my big triathlon in July.

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