After our two days at Blackthorn, Sue has reverted to her banking days and has counted up all the money raised by donations given by patients after their vaccination for GAVI Alliance, the organisation working to control distribution of vaccines to poorer countries. So far we have raised £850, with £10 of it raised on line and all the remainder in a bucket at the surgery entrance! People have been so generous in the relief at having had their vaccination.

It’s looking likely that there will be no vaccines next weekend which will give everyone involved a little break. However, the following week they start the younger people groups and it looks like it will be manic with some weeks having four days of vaccinations. I just hope we have enough marshals as the easing of lockdown has meant more people going off and and doing other things. Tomorrow all non-essential shops can open again and yes, that includes hairdressers! I will have my haircut tomorrow morning thank goodness.

After my 1,076 feet charity Everest climb on Wed and then a 59 mile bike ride on Friday I was planning to do some more running today. But my body spoke to me and I have given it another days rest. So just a bit of light gardening and a walk to the shops with Sue. However my 1,000 feet plus climb has put me once again in the top 3 in the Club leader board with just two runs in the week. But this all pails into insignificance, our dear friend Steve who was a victim of a hit and run and only just survived, did his second walk around the block and completed 0.37 of a mile. Such determination, what a great bloke!

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