I am behind again with my blogs but the end is getting closer, even though cases are rising fast the Govt think that July 19th will see the easing of most restrictions. Their argument is that the vaccines are keeping deaths very low and the slow rise in hospital cases is manageable. They feel that they can cope with 100,000 cases a day and that is something we will have to live with as we do with flu and other diseases, Vaccines continue unabated but Blackthorn have now called a halt as there is mass vaccinations for younger people in large centres. Some football stadiums have opened up to do the vaccines and that is attracting people in so they can enjoy the surroundings! At Blackthorn we marshalled from December 2020 so in a small way we helped the medics and staff to administer 25, 000 jabs, so we are quite proud of that. We think we will be called back to help when the booster jabs go ahead in the autumn, but for now, we get our weekends back.

Not a good visit to Mum on Monday. We had to search for her missing hearing aid, which we found in her pocket then it didn’t work so David the manager took it away and cleaned out a block so that is OK now. Mum had a really bad bout of dizziness and was upset once again wishing she was “gone”! However, tonight I have checked her medical log and she hate all her meals and enjoyed playing some ball games! I will visit again Monday after we have collected James who will be staying with us for 3 days.

I had a pool swim followed by a 5km run last night and today I rode to Tenterden for a Time Trial. Went reasonably well and nice ride home, total of 60 miles.

In half an hours time England kick off at Wembley against Denmark in the semi-finals of the Euros. They had a good game against Ukraine winning 4-0. Tonight will be much tighter.

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