Yes, forget the fact that we have 37, 000 new Covid cases per day and it’s doubling every week, the country has gone mad as a result of England beating Denmark on Thursday. The final against Italy is tomorrow, but I remember the World Cup in 1966 and we were somewhat calmer. However, my cynicism doesn’t preclude me from donning my England shirt with a pint of Whitstable Bay alongside and cheering the lads along. The good news is that Susie the pig in Newcastle has predicted a win for England. She got three of the championship games correct and the general election! I will now give my prediction based on on the reality. I am afraid it will be Italy 1-0. I do hope I am wrong and England win. Apparently, some schools have allowed the the kids to come in late on Monday as they will have stayed up to watch the match. Lidls and Co-op are closing early so the staff can get home in time to watch and the milkman has apologised if deliveries are late on Monday! We had better win after all this hype!!

On a more serious note, I collected my new glasses yesterday but I think they are the wrong prescription. I will re-vist Supersavers on Monday and in the meantime I have super-glued my existing pair to keep me going.

Mid Kent 5 mile running race tomorrow morning. Its was going to be a warm up for the big event which I am now not doing, so I am looking forward to a leisurely 5 mile jog.

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