Suffice to say that after extra time it was inevitable that we would lose on penalties, which we did. No need to go into detail there is enough written about the game and the crowd and racist problems afterwards. England want to host the World Cup in 2030?! I don’t think so!

I did my “leisurely” Mid Kent 5 mile run on Sunday. Hardly leisurely though, the 500 runners helped push my pace up way beyond my normal rate and as a result I finished 4th in my Age Group out of 12 and only missed out on 3rd by 3 seconds. My time was 47 mins 36 secs for 5 miles, so well pleased with that, just over 9 minute miles. I have though had aching legs ever since, a nice pool swim this morning, 2,250 metres to relax! so I hope I am up to a club 5km run this evening.

Grandson James was due to stay with us from yesterday for three nights, but he had a few friends for a get together at his house on Sunday. Mike had asked all the parents to make sure their boys had been tested and that they were negative. Unfortunately, one didn’t take a test till after the visit and when he did he tested positive. As a result, all Mike’s family are now isolated at home, Alex has missed his last week at school and also misses his cello exam. One assumes all the other families of the children who attended have also had to isolate. Mike is understandably livid with the boy’s parents, so thoughtless. It also brings home the fact that we are in a 3rd wave of Covid and cases are rising fast. The Govt are gambling on deaths and hospital cases remaining relatively low because of the numbers vaccinated. They expect about 200 deaths per day before the crisis peaks, but on balance and the back log of normal hospital cases such as cancers, the risk is worth taking. Hence current restrictions will be lifted from Monday. The PM is hoping people will use common sense such as wearing masks where there are groups of people, however, the law is rescinded and it will be up to businesses and shops to determine their own rules. It’s not looking good, but we can only hope that the gamble pays off.

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