So today is the start of Boris’s big gamble with our lives and livelihood. With a few exceptions such as international travel, the law changes to all for a free for all. Nightclubs , stadiums, numbers meeting together all have no restrictions and no law to wear a mask! The idea is that we no longer need lockdowns as the vaccine programme is such a success. The PM is relying on people making their own sensible decisions like mask wearing, in crowded places. What cobblers! By doing this if there is a further surge then the blame will lie with the public , not the Government. The Euros finals- crowds forcing their way into Wembley, full capacity for the Grand Prix and so on. I am afraid to say that this third wave will not slow down and I believe that come the autumn there will have to be further restrictions imposed or, contrary to Boris’s promise, another lockdown. This weekend’s heatwave has seen people flocking to the beaches. Whilst the crowds are in the open air some beaches are crammed full of people. And from today amusement arcades , pubs etc will all open up to crowds indoors. Ok, businesses can make their own restrictions, such as numbers and face masks, but many are in desperate financial straits and need the income so they will ignore the restrictions as they are no longer law.

Meanwhile cases continue to rise and we have the 7th highest death rate from the virus in the world. The Test & Trace system is out of control and half a million people have had to isolate, including some of my own family. The Olympic Games start today in Tokyo and already their are cases amongst the competitors. There will be no spectators at the games.

True, we are going to have to live with Covid-19 as we do with flu, but to remove these restrictions when the cases are spiralling upwards is not the time to do it. With more vaccinations the virus will peak and start to fall, maybe then some gentle lifting of restrictions, not now.

I really do hope the Govt has got it right and if the stats eventually show that, then I will admit to being wrong. I don’t want this to go on, but unfortunately a huge number of people, especially teenagers, 20s and some 30s will take today’s decision as the end of the pandemic, IT IS NOT!!

Of to see Mum shortly, Barty will still impose their restrictions as I guess all, acre home will. Wednesday will be the dreaded Care assessment with social Services, I am not looking forward to that!

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