So Mum’s assessment went ahead on Wednesday and now Social Services will do a report deciding what will be best for Mum once the money runs out in a few weeks time. We hope we made a good enough case to keep her at Barty House but whatever happens it is going to mean a family top up to keep her there or indeed, anywhere else that Social Services think might be more appropriate. Mum was interviewed and painted a rosy picture of her situation, in fact she was quite comical with some answers. However, after Mum left the meeting Sue and I were able to put forward the evidence we have to show that it is far from rosy. We will have some news quite soon we hope.

We took James back home today after his short stay with us. We went paddle boarding on Thursday. It was very warm and James loved it, spending more time in the water than on the board. I found the whole thing quite difficult and I have to say that it is not a sport I will be pursuing in the future! A couple of short runs with James and Sue and a bike ride around Mote Park today which was nice. Sue and I are both exhausted, James is very lively and we have a job keeping up with everything he does. Tomorrow is the Castle to Coast Triathlon which I dropped out off. Looks like the weather will be wet at times but I wish them all good luck. We are off to stay a night with Stuart and family and on Sunday apparently Stuart and Danny want me to join them both in a lake swim. That will be fun with the thunderstorms about. Early to bed tonight!

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