Unexpectedly, cases have fallen slightly over the past five days. This sounds good but too early even to speculate. Unfortunately, hospital cases continue to rise although deaths stay consistently low. It looks like the vaccines are working but we have yet to see the impact from “Freedom Day” a week ago. It usually takes a couple of weeks before we see the impact so we need to wait and see. Many people have discarded social distancing and wearing face coverings although several, including us are continuing to play it safe. I went into town today and wore my mask even outside of the shops. Lots of people about so not taking a chance in crowds.

Feeling tired lately, but that must be down to having the grandchildren around. After taking James home on Friday we were off to see Stuart and family. Once again, non stop activity including an open water swim at Caversham WaterPark with Stuart and Danny. The heatwave has gone, so now we have flooding and cooler temperatures.

The Tokyo Olympics are off to a good start despite no spectators. Great performance once again from Adam Peaty. First Briton to win a swimming gold in successive Olympics. Tom Daley won his first ever Olympic Gold partnering first timer Matty Lee and young Tom Piddock got Gold in the mountain bike cross- country. Also a great silver for new superstar triathlete Alex Yee.

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