This week we pay Barty House the last invoice that Mum’s finances can afford. After 14 months in the Home the money that dear Auntie Edna left Mum has now been used up. On August 22nd social services will take over responsibility for her so in the next few days we should hear the decision from the KCC Panel on Mum’s future. They will decide if Mum needs nursing care or not and from our recent care assessment it seems very likely that she will not qualify for nursing care. We have pleaded that she stays at Barty which is what Mum and all the family want. If social services agree it is likely that she will only receive a very tiny weekly payment, if any, towards the cost. They will negotiate with Barty to see if their costs can be reduced. There will bound to be a large family top up required and I have to take responsibility for ensuring it is paid regularly.

Alternatively, Mum may not been seen as needing care and social services will have to find a care home that is cheaper. It may be local it may not. There may still be a need for a family top. We will know very soon hopefully so family discussions can start.

Whatever the outcome this will be a very difficult time for Mum especially if she is moved. Barty House is her home now and she won’t understand why a move is necessary.

This is all guesswork but it has to be sorted very soon because the next bill will have to be paid. Mum has been lucky that Auntie Ednas legacy has allowed Mum to be in Barty until now. In some countries a 96 year old would automatically get full care provided by the state, a difficult and worrying time for us all.

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