Nearly a week so my last blog. Unfortunately, my mind has been very focussed on the problem with Mum’s future. No word from social services so yesterday we contacted a senior person. It appears our contact has been off sick for a week and nobody picked up on her work. So, no report done, and nothing with the Panel yet. Sue pressed the senior as to what is likely to happen. It appears that the report will now be sorted today and hopefully with the panel on Friday. After that it has to go KCC Placement Team who decide what will be most appropriate home for Mum, nursing or residential care. From what we have learnt it looks like the latter so Mum may well have to move. Where to depends on the Placement Team. Apparently we will be offered a couple or so care homes anywhere in Kent where there are social care vacancies. If there are KCC cover all the cost but Mum is likely to be allocated the cheapest and probably the furthest away! However, if there is somewhere much cheaper than Barty then they might agree to such a place if our family provide the top up. Viv and Steve have been down here for a few days looking for possible alternatives. There is one that could be a possibility and I will go for a look at it tomorrow. However, as we do not know how social services are likely to help and the costs involved it is still speculation, but at least we can be prepared.

In the meantime it looks like if Mum can cover Barty’s bill for September then it does mean that we get our trip to Spain and we can sort out the details on our return. Not ideal but what else can we do?! During all of this I have been trying to get to grips with the restrictions in place for going to and returning from Spain. A lot of contradictions and things could change but it looks like a special form and vaccination evidence to travel there. And before the return flight a negative test in Spain and test and trace form on return plus a PCR test back in UK within 3 days, which we will have to arrange before we go at the end of August. However, we have booked our car hire now and guess what, it is exactly double the price from our last visit in 2019. We must go though, as we need to sort out the villa and think about it’s future. We have asked out Spanish friends to check on the house, garden and pool and some us some re-assuring photos. That have agreed so we eagerly await them.

I did get a break today however, and did the VTTA Time Trial, my best time this year and only a few seconds down in one in 2016! All went pear shaped though when my tubeless tyre deflated for no apparent reason on the way home. I will have it investigated at the shop tomorrow, I don’t want that to happen again.

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