To those very few other than me who follow my blogs, I apologise but today’s subject is Mum again. We hope that the Panel met today and hope we will hear something on Monday. Yesterday I did go and visit the home that Viv found. The staff were very nice and helpful and there is one room available. The home is a large old house which has been converted to accommodate the elderly as a Care Home. It is clean and tidy but because the layout is an old conversion it has long dark corridors and it doesn’t have the light and airiness that the extension has at Barty. However, it is of course, much cheaper which we have to consider.

Today Sue and I visited Mum. It is the best we have seen her in ages. No dizziness or depressed feelings and indeed she made us laugh on several occasions. We took her for a short walk in the lovely gardens and when it was time for us to leave, instead of going back to her room she wanted to stay in the conservatory to watch people arriving and leaving. She was very happy. Malc called for a short chat but he was off legs and found speaking difficult. However, they loved seeing each other.

I am off for a club bike ride tomorrow, for a break. I am going with my friend Richard who is thinking of joining our club. Hope he enjoys it. Sunday, a day at home and continue trying to work out our travel plans. I have now checked in on-line for our flights and have printed off our boarding passes. The hardest part now is sorting out the Covid forms and tests we need. Then it’s Monday and hopefully we might get some news from the panel. They will decide the level of care Mum needs and then the Placement Team will find where there are vacancies. Once we know what is available and the finances involved it will be time for a family discussion.

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