We haven’t heard anything yet from social services, which is no surprise, so we will try and find out tomorrow if the panel did sit and review Mum’s situation. If they did we will try and find out what happens next. Yesterday Sue and I went through the tests and forms necessary to go to Spain and for returning home in October. In summary we need a health declaration and proof of vaccinations to travel to Spain and in Spain within three days of returning home we have to have a Covid test and also book a PCR test for when we get home and complete a Locator Form which is a test and trace document. All very complicated but it has to be done.

On Saturday I went for a club bike ride expecting showers but it was torrential rain all day, We had to ride through flood water and were soaked right through. Great fun! Today Sue and I went on a lovely walk along part of the Greensand Way which we have never done before. No rain but windy which was exhilarating on top of the hills. Tomorrow we prepare to collect Alex on Wed then off overnight to a hotel near the source of the Thames then on Thursday I have Stuart’s pressie he bought me which is a relaxing 7Km swim down the the river with the SwimTreck Company. I am really looking forward to that.

A Kentish Cob-Nut Orchard
Mass produced Kentish Strawberries.

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